Retirement Gift Ideas

Retirement Gift Ideas to help you find the perfect gift

"Retirement". Such a simple word for such a giant milestone. In fact, it seems that most really monumental, momentous occasions in life are like that - bound up in little words that flower into huge occasions. There's another thing that life's milestones all seem to share in common: When they happen, it's time for presents! And why not? Everyone loves presents; picking them out is almost as fun as getting one, and after thirty, forty, or even fifty-plus years at a career, few people deserve a great gift more than the man or woman on the cusp of retirement.

Deserved or not, though, actually choosing the gift can sometimes prove troublesome. After all, there are so many options to choose from, so matching The Perfect Gift™ to its recipient can be a really daunting task. Happily, that's what this guide is for! Below, you'll find a ton of useful ideas and suggestions to make picking the best retirement gift ever a walk in the park, no matter who you're shopping for. If instead, you are looking for advice on Retirement Wishes, or Funny Retirement Quotes, I have just the thing for you.

Let's get started.

Retirement Gift Ideas


Now that your friend, relative, or co-worker is about to retire, they're going to have a lot of time to indulge in their favorite hobbies, so why not help them? Hobbies are as varied as the people that practice them, so to pull this gift-giving strategy off well, you'll need to really know something about the intended gift-getter. There are a lot of ways to approach hobby-based gifts, but one of the best is to find out your target's pastime of choice, and from there, to help them indulge in it creatively.

For instance, does your retiree like chess and geology? Go to a rock shop and get some cool-looking gems, crystals, and stones, then go pick up a nice wooden or stone chess board. Give them a kit for shaping and polishing their new stones if they don't already have one, and watch as simple stones are transformed into a totally unique set of game pieces! Not only will they have a great time crafting and using their new chess set, it will also serve as a mark of your friendship and affection, reminding them of you each time they see or play with it.


What could be more stereotypically "retirement-esque" than golf supplies? You can't really mess this one up - golf gifts are a giant industry. Here are some ideas:

  • Golf bags, tees, balls, range-finders, and other paraphernalia

  • A new club, or for those who feel like splurging, a new set of them!

  • Guest passes or membership to a club so your retiree can play socially

  • Lesson vouchers so he or she can teach the grandkids (or you, if you're up for it!)

  • A subscription to golf magazines or television channels

  • PGA tickets!


Gardening is a nice, tranquil way to exercise one's artistic side, enjoy the outdoors, and beautify the surrounding area all at the same time. Good gardening gifts for your retiree could include one or more of the following:

  • Seeds - these could be for almost anything, from flowers to shrubs to vegetables.

  • Fertilizers, potting mixtures, and other growth-aids

  • Gardening books, particularly ones that teach a new cultivation method

  • Passes to the local botanical museum, butterfly garden, or similar exhibit

  • Gloves, shears, gardening clothes, and other related tools and supplies

  • Bird and bee feeders


Your retiree is about to have a ton of free time, and if (s)he happens to be a bookworm, that translates to just one thing - more time for reading! Here's a handful of ideas for the bookish retiree:

  • A Kindle (this thing is the size of a paperback, but it holds more than 1,000 books!) and / or related supplies like chargers, smart covers, and the like

  • A list of books you think they'd like / Goodreads profiles they should inspect

  • Ebooks from the Kindle store - check the "Best Sellers" list for inspiration!

  • Good old-fashioned paperback or hardcover books

  • Book-scented perfume or cologne


For those who enjoy a nice bit of crochet, needlepoint, or other such things, a gift that helps advance the variety of available sewing-based leisure activities can be a great idea for a retirement present. Stumped when it comes to execution? Try these:

  • Sewing patterns

  • Sewing kits

  • Sewing-related books, instruction manuals, and so on

  • If you don't sew yourself, but you have a surplus of grandparents who do or did, why not pass on a few antique sewing supplies or heirlooms? Just make sure you're truly willing and able to part with them.


This is another retirement staple, but fishing trips can be great fun for anyone! If "anyone" happens to include your retiree, consider these gifts:

  • Fishing poles, whether they're simple rods for the lake or specialty rigs for the open ocean

  • Bait, tackle, and related supplies suited to the catching of your retiree's preferred aquatic nemesis

  • A new fishing boat (think open, lake-style rather than deep-sea), or a repair + refit job on his / her old one

  • Book them on a deep-sea fishing trip, or better yet, take them out, just a group of close friends and your retiree, for a day of conversations, fishing, and fun!

  • Tickets to the local aquarium


This tip is a simple one: If you truly can't come to a decision about a gift for your retiree, or if you feel that he or she is the sort who likes to shop, an Amazon gift card can be the perfect solution. Amazon's own FAQ pages will give you the in-depth info, but it's safe to say that a gift card can be loaded with almost any amount of money and sent almost anywhere. It truly is a marvel of simplicity. Use it judiciously, though, as part of the gift-giving process is the thought and care one puts into it, and plastic can sometimes seem lifeless or contrived.


Another simple tip, gag gifts can take retirement celebrations to a whole new level of fun. General pranks are always a good idea, but funny / joke / gag gifts work especially well when built upon inside jokes or other facets of a relationship that show you really know and care about the recipient. Oh, and it should go without saying, but if your retiree is the stoic or sensitive type, perhaps this isn't the best gift option.


A day clock can be a really nice retirement gift. They're beautifully crafted to begin with, but it's the message that really shines through. With a seven-segment face denoting the days of the week, it not only reminds the owner to live each day to the fullest instead of just counting the hours (or worse, taking them for granted), it can also be a nice conversation piece and a quick reminder as to what day of the week it is!


This is perhaps the ultimate retirement gift. You can never go wrong with a classy, stylish piece of jewelry, whether it's for a lady or a gentleman. Some suggestions include, but aren't limited to:

  • Mid to high-end watches

  • Mid to high-end jewelry (pearls, rings, and so on)

  • Watches, monogrammed or with personal engravings if possible / appropriate

  • Cufflinks, tie pins or clasps, and other "style pieces"


Does your retiree have a favorite hobby or niche interest? Get him or her a magazine subscription! Most magazines come in both physical and digital format these days, and the variety of topics ranges from antiques to science and technology to hunting and sports. Options abound, so do some detective work and give your retiree twelve new gifts for the price of one!


There's just something romantic about the simple, old-fashioned art of letter-writing. Sure, your retiree can type something up at least as quickly as he or she can write it, if not more so. Still, a fine writing set, complete with pens, ink refills if applicable, and high-quality stationary can really add a dash of elegance to anyone's communications. On such an important date in the life of such an important person, shouldn't that "anyone" be the retiree you're shopping for? Of course! Start by checking out Amazon, but go to a specialty shop if you can. When it comes to gifts like this, there's no substitute for genuine, one-on-one guidance from an expert.


And that's that! You now have more than enough information at your fingertips to buy your chosen retiree a gift that's sure to delight and move them. All that's left now is to do it! Happy shopping!

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